Data structures


struct Metadata

An array of CandidateTranscript objects computed by the model.

Public Members

const CandidateTranscript *const transcripts

Array of CandidateTranscript objects

const unsigned int num_transcripts

Size of the transcripts array


struct CandidateTranscript

A single transcript computed by the model, including a confidence value and the metadata for its constituent tokens.

Public Members

const TokenMetadata *const tokens

Array of TokenMetadata objects

const unsigned int num_tokens

Size of the tokens array

const double confidence

Approximated confidence value for this transcript. This is roughly the sum of the acoustic model logit values for each timestep/character that contributed to the creation of this transcript.


struct TokenMetadata

Stores text of an individual token, along with its timing information.

Public Members

const char *const text

The text corresponding to this token

const unsigned int timestep

Position of the token in units of 20ms

const float start_time

Position of the token in seconds